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Whether it’s a corporate event, a grand wedding, or a celebration of passing trigonometry —you need to a master of ceremonies (MC) to handle the flow.


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Here are some reasons why you should invest in an MC:
1. Takes the Pressure Off Your Shoulders
Planning an event can be nerve-racking. What’s the theme? Should you serve strawberry cakes or Crème brûlée? How do you choose the guests? There are just so many decisions to be made, and you might have to stay on top of them even during the event. Thankfully, a professional MC can keep the crowd amused while you fuss over the appetisers.

2. Gets You Out of Awkward Situations
Well-trained MCs can turn around almost any awkward situation that could happen in a party. These range from defective music equipment to unwanted dance numbers from your uncles.
MCs know how to re-direct the attention of the crowd and forget about the little snafu.

Photo: Johannes Reinhart

3. Keeps You On Time
Oftentimes, people forget about time when having fun. This is great. Unless you’re the host and you’re paying the venue, equipment, and entertainment per hour. A professional MC can make sure that the event sticks to the schedule.

4. Warms Up the Crowd
Experience emcees know that sometimes they have to step forward and be the light of the party. This is why they are also skilled performers! Some sing, others dance. They also prepare games for all types of crowd.

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5. Make Announcements
When at a party (especially a huge one), we tend to wait for others to go to the buffet table first, right? This is because we don’t know exactly when to do certain things without embarrassing ourselves. An MC can do all the necessary announcements and gets rid of any confusion.

6. The Special Duties of an MC
Hiring an MC can add more energy, intimacy, and personality to any event—private or corporate. He/she unites the audience by communicating essential information and guiding the flow of the event using charisma and flair.

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For example, an MC can do the following in a wedding:
●       Introduce the newlyweds and their bridal party
●       Acknowledge your special guests
●       Facilitate the elegant transition of formalities
●       Introduce each one who’ll make a speech
●       Assist photographers and videographers in capturing the most significant moments
●       Make timely announcements for the dance, cutting of wedding cake, throwing of the bouquet, etc.
●       Explain how meal and drinks will be served

What Should You Do Now?
Hiring a professional MC might seem fanciful for some, but the truth is: it is just as important as other details of the event. An MC can help ensure the smooth flow of the program and entertain guests at the same time, allowing you to just relax and enjoy.

A business manager at Credit Capital who organizes several corporate events each year says,” An often ignored aspect of any event is the beneficial role of a professional master of ceremonies. Apart from the benefits of organization and time management, an emcee can enliven any series of activities. Whether you’re holding a grand party or presenting technical reports at a large business gathering, a professional MC is an asset you surely want to embrace.”

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