Lady Velvet Cabaret

Lady Velvet Cabaret performers can double-up as hosts or hostesses for your event, extravagantly costumed-in-theme and greeting your guests in between spectacular performances; or as showgirls to attract attention and help you to promote your products and services; or even as backup dancers, to add a touch of glamour and spice to another’s performance!

hostess If your event requires entertainment, but you don’t want a full stage show, then our roving entertainers and hostesses will be perfect for you. Circus Artists who can contort and flip their way through the crowd, Vegas Showgirls who can greet your guests at the door, Atmospheric Dancers who can perform subtly on the side or on podiums, Magicians who can entertain and surprise, and much much more.

Performers are able to dress up in the theme of your event, and even showcase stage performances sporadically throughout the day. This service is guaranteed to be entertaining yet not intrusive to your party.

To give you an idea, here are some examples of roving and atmospheric entertainment we have previously provided:

  • Vegas/Parisian Showgirls
  • Glamorous Great Gatsby Flappers
  • Carnivale entertainers (clowns, contortionists, Bearded woman)
  • Samba dancers
  • Fire performers
  • Magicians
  • Atmospheric burlesque dancers
  • Disco Divas
  • Silver Screen Legends (Marilyn, Audrey, Charlie, etc)
  • Podium stilletto dancers
  • Podium Go Go Dancers
  • Japanese Geishas
  • Hawaiian Hula dancers
  • Mermaids and more!


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