Lady Velvet Cabaret

Lady Velvet Cabaret provide not only dancers, but other talented performers too! With glamorous singers, hilarious comedians and entertaining MCs, let us add to your next event or function with some talented entertainers who truly have the gift of the gab.

Lucinda Panties SingWhether it’s a set of sultry, soulful classic songs, or hilarious jokes that will have your guests laughing all night, Lady Velvet Cabaret can provide entertainers to add that special touch to a performance. With a range of performers, from trained opera singers to professional voice actors, our vocal talent are as broad and varied as the groups they perform to.

MCs are a fantastic way to add personality and intimacy to large corporate or private events, uniting the audience as well as communicating important information or guiding the proceedings of your event with flair and charisma. Both male and female MCs are available, all experienced with providing entertaining commentary to groups of all backgrounds!

joDo your guests need a laugh? Comedians are a great way to liven things up or give a light break in entertainment. Perfect to add some laughter to a larger stage show, Lady Velvet Cabaret’s comedians will bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Cabaret or opera singers provide professional musical accompaniment to your evening and are perfect for a large or conservative crowd. Whether it’s sultry classics adding a touch of glamour to your evening, or lively upbeat hits getting your guests up and dancing, Lady Velvet Cabaret’s singers are talented and professional, providing the perfect soundtrack to your event – no matter what the theme!

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