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Sugar du Joure has a brand new six week CATWALK Burlesque Series course coming up, and to celebrate, she’s sharing her top tips for looking (and feeling) runway ready every day, whether it’s onstage, at work, or nipping into the supermarket. Discover how you can serve some Catwalk Burlesque realness every single day…

So you’ve watched a few Victoria’s Secret shows. Stared longingly up at their angel wings with stars in your eyes. But you know you aren’t a model and will never be one. Right? WRONG.
People are models EVERY. DAY. If you love fashion, culture and people; you’ll notice a few more people every day who catch your eye that inspire you. Do they dress outstandingly well for their age? Are they strutting the absolute heck out of a pair of stiletto boots? Maybe they are rocking a bold turquoise matte lip that you just aren’t brave enough to go for yet… Any way, you saw them. Admired them and they were what?

Modelling isn’t about the size you are, or how expensive the fashion is. It’s about making a statement with confidence. It’s about celebrating yourself and your image and not being scared to show that to the world. Sometimes we feel safer doing this only on special nights out, but I am here to encourage you to work a few model-esque tips into your daily life to boost your confidence, increase your bravery, and show everyone you are what?


Person Walking#1. The Walk
Honey. The Walk is everything. The Walk is number one on this list for a REASON. The walk is just as much of a fashion statement as the rest of the look. When you walk, you need to be confident with every step. One of my favourite things to do is practice this when I’m on my way to work. I take the train and I know I have a 7 minute walk to the train station. It doesn’t have to be a slinky provocative strut, it just has to say “I know where I’m going. And you are going to watch me get there”. One foot in front of the other. Don’t look down, and make sure to change up your hands. Straighten your jacket collar, grab and swish your skirt with one hand. Sell the garment. Finding your walk is going to be one of my favourite moments in the ‘Catwalk’ Burlesque Series classes. Everyone’s walk will be different. Do you dare to bring taller heels every week?


Sugar du Joure by Chayla Taylor Photography

Chayla Taylor Photography

#2. Find your Pose
Everyone has unflattering angles. One of the most disheartening things is to be at a work conference, sporting event or family gathering, and you have to take the obligatory picture. Please no Nanna. TAKE IT FROM A HIGH ANGLE.
The only way to truly learn what your Pose is, is to become a selfie-taker. Get rid of the stigma of selfies. They can boost your confidence, show off your killer looks to other people, and catch the eye of potential rich spouses. My Instagram is FILLED with my go-to pose. It’s my left leg in front of my right. A slight bend to the hips, and taken with my right hand. This is my power pose. It’s simple, effective and it captures my favourite side of my face (my right). You better believe I do this pose ANY TIME I take a photo because I have tried and tested it for years in front of a mirror. Practice makes perfect baby. Find the angle that works best for you and own it.


Catwalk - Attitude & Accessories#3. Experiment with your Look
This one can be tricky if you are working a 9-5 job with dress standards. Or can it…?
Adding one little extra something to your outfit can do wonders for your inner experimental fashionista. It doesn’t have to be major. Jeans and a top? Add a stylish belt into the mix, or a statement pair of earrings. Strict uniform code? Try something different with your hair or makeup. Dental Hygienist? Pop on a pair of false lashes so your patient can really appreciate them up close.
My favourite daily experiment is now with my hair, or with casual clothes! I get to dress up a LOT so sometimes I forget how to dress down. My goal is to look like an attractive librarian with a naughty side. Pop your hair in a cute bun, whack on some stylish classes, a tight sweater and a knee length skirt and you are good to go baby. Librarian Chic. A bold lip colour is also a fun one to work into daily life. I love seeing a deep burgundy or purple lip on a simply made up/fresh face. Go for it!


Catwalk - Attitude & Accessories#4. Dress to impress on a bad day
This one is a big, big mood booster for me. I’ve had some pretty horrible bosses in the past who love to place blame and stress onto you on a daily basis. I would feel a heavy dread set in when I made a small mistake and I knew I was going to get a whole lot of shame, blame, and patronising looks for it. So when I expected the worst: I would make the effort to look my best. It gave me the confidence to hold my head up high and make a statement. That statement is:
‘I matter, I deserve respect, and I will not be intimidated’.
Oooh do you feel that? Take that home with you as your mantra. Tell that to yourself as you walk down the street in a bold red lip. Workplace disagreements will come and go, but believe me when I tell you: Never underestimate the power of a great outfit.


Catwalk - Heels#5. The Click-Clack sound
Last but not least, every models hidden superpower. The Click-Clack sound. That iconic percussion as a model is pummelling the runway in Louboutins. Well GUESS WHAT. Cheap shoes make the noise too.
I get so much joy from putting on a great pair of shoes and taking myself for a little Catwalk around the Kitchen. I confess, I get shaky too. But practice makes perfect. A favourite of mine is a wedge heel. It is comfortable, I can stand in them most of the day, and I feel my calves and tushie perk up. I don’t just walk in these shoes. I strut. Getting used to the feel of a slightly higher shoe will help your walk immensely. I mean I still have an 8 inch pair of Pleaser heels in my cupboard that I am still working on…But we all have to start somewhere.
PS: If you aren’t a heel wearer: Who cares! If I am feeling myself in some active-wear and a cute sneaker I strut then too. It’s about the package darling. Sell me that look. Do it with confidence.

Are you brave enough to strut the Catwalk with me darlings? I’ll see you on the runway September 3rd for the CATWALK Burlesque Series class. To book in, contact us today or use your existing student account to book in for Catwalk Burlesque.


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