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To celebrate the announcement of our Picnic Pinups workshop, resident LVC picnic connoisseur Bambi la Belle┬áhas shared her top 5 items to include on your Pinup Picnic packing list! If you’re heading out on a summer picnic, be sure to include…

  1. Beautiful Blankets!
    Of course a super cute picnic blanket will never go astray on a pinup picnic! You can even opt for picnic chairs and tables as well if you like. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone, and enough blanket or table space for your lunch and teas! I recommend picnic blankets that are water resistant (no wet butts allowed!) to keep your self, friends, and food dry. For an extra insta-worthy pinup picnic, you can even lay some cute printed fabric over the top of your old faithful picnic blanket – so you get all the functionality PLUS the fabulous pinup look!
  2. Ice, ice, baby!
    The most important consideration for eating outdoors is to keep cold foods cold, and hot foods hot. Keep your cold food safe by packing it with enough ice to keep it chilled until it is ready to be served. Ice packs will do the job, but we recommend freezing bottles of water! After the bottles have kept the food cold, they double as drinking water once they’ve melted – ensuring plenty of cold drinks for everyone! What a perfect idea for a swingin’ summer picnic.
  3. Tell your uninvited guests to buzz off…
    A day in the park helps you to meet brand new friends… bugs! You can minimise risk of unsightly and painful insect bites by applying bug spray! Whilst not the most glamorous pinup picnic item it is definitely one of the most important, especially if you’ll be picnicing into the evening. Do be careful with which brand you choose, particularly if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals. Searching for a natural bug repellant that won’t irritate sensitive skin? Simply combine 7 drops citrus oil (or 3 drops clove oil), 15 drops peppermint oil, 15 drops tea tree oil, 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup water in a spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Spray your homemade solution onto the ground surrounding your picnic set up to help keep bugs and ants at bay. You’ll not only save your skin, but the delicious picnic food too!
  4. Let the fun and games begin!
    Once you have all of your essentials packed, it is time to prepare the fun and games. We love packing a speaker for some cool tunes to help create atmosphere and make special memories. You can pack some books for some leisurely reading, or even do some drawing for a relaxing experience. Outdoor games such as giant jenga and giant ring toss are super fun and make for good photo opportunities too. You’ll snap some retro-chic selfies if you bring along a cute croquet kit, or even a game of bocci too. For those that are after a more active experience, pack some kites, frisbees, and balls!

  5. A Pinup’s Best Friend…
    Don’t forget the camera! Going on a picnic adventure with your pinup pals is definitely a memory for the scrapbook. Make sure you take along your phone, a camera, or even a vintage-style polaroid camera, to capture the best moments on the go. Can’t organise a pinup picnic adventure with your girlfriends? Book into our next workshop and you will have your chance to wear your summery best for a fun photoshoot with Sugar du Joure and Wild Kat Photography. Meet new pinup friends and don’t forget that all-important group photo – and yes, we’ll be in air conditioned comfort, no matter the weather outside!
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