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Sugar dishes on the amazing opening night of 2013’s Perth International Burlesque Festival

Pictured: Sugar Du Joure by Vintage Glamour Photography

Pictured: Sugar Du Joure by Vintage Glamour Photography

I know I was not the only local artist staying up all night weeks in advance in preparation for the 2013 Perth International Burlesque Festival, bedazzling costumes and rehearsing steps. The anticipation at meeting some of the most talented artists in the burlesque industry sent our tassels twirlin’!

Opening night was Perth’s first taste of festival glitter. Brisbane Artist Jacqueline Furey took us back to the Golden age of burlesque with a classic fan dance, accompanied by the very talented Big Oz Band.

Pictured: Jacqueline Furey

Pictured: Jacqueline Furey

Despite my nerves, (and losing almost everything backstage) I shimmied my way through the crowd for a slower, jazzy striptease. I had the opportunity to rehearse with headlining burlesque star from New York; Miss Perle Noire, prior to the event, and felt extremely humbled to be among such talented ladies. Needless to say I showed them what us local Perthies have to bump and grind with.

And I twirled. Oh boy did I twirl.

Burlesque fans recognized the face of our reigning “Princess” and winner of Miss Burlesque Australia 2013: The Strawberry Siren, who refused to be acknowledged as Queen, claiming the title would forever belong to Miss Imogen Kelly: Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012.

Perle Noire nearly took the house down. I almost didn’t get to see her act as the crowd had swarmed the stage in awe of this dazzling diva. Her smile sparkled brighter than the Swarovskis on her pasties.
Direct from the UK, Banbury Cross closed the first show. Beware! This English rose ain’t no shrinking violet!

Dressed head to toe in feathers and crystals, she proved to us that she is the definition of a “modern day Marilyn”. With effortless beauty, passion and sex appeal she made us beg for more. Her finale? Showering herself (and the crowd!) in foaming champagne.

Pictured left to right: Perle Noire, Sugar Du Joure, Banbury Cross

Pictured left to right: Perle Noire, Sugar Du Joure, Banbury Cross

Over the next three days Perth was treated to a tasting platter of Burlesque delicacies. ‘The Dark of the Cabaret’ Show at the Fly By Night club, ‘Glitter, Garters and Tease’ at the Astor Theatre and a Peep-Show and Retro Vintage market.

My personal highlights? Having my jaw literally drop open witnessing Melbourne’s Dolores Daiquiri perform and crowned Miss Exotic World Indigo Blue at ‘Glitter Garter’s and Tease’, cheering the house down for the sultry Sydney vixen Miss Cherry Lush and our very own Monet Petite at the Peep Show at the Fly By Night.

As I am solely a Perth performer, I cannot tell you how valuable and inspiring this experience was. Many thanks to the fabulous organizers at Sugar Blue Burlesque for producing this fantastic festival, and the amazing performers for giving Perth the tease of a lifetime. *sigh* How long till next year’s fest?


Sugar Du Joure

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