Lady Velvet Cabaret
Join Lady Velvet Cabaret for a 2 week intensive combining modern tap dance with sizzling burlesque! Learn unique and fierce tap dance choreography (suitable for beginner to intermediate level tap dancers), plus you’ll get the opportunity to perform at a real burlesque show! Not sure how Tap Dance and Burlesque fit together? Check out 3 reasons why we love combining these two styles below:

3 Reasons why Burlesque and Tap Dance Go Hand in Hand!

1. Glamorous costumes! Tap dance is one of the most ideal dance styles to show off in glamorous and glitzy costumes. Often hugely styled full piece items can be worn, as a lot of the work is done only by the feet in tap items. You will commonly see tap dancers in gorgeous 1920’s era costumes, usually matched with feathers, pearls, diamonds and more. Burlesque is also known for its extravagant costume work – adding in glitter, silk, and lace to the mix as well!

2. You get to become both a musician and the main attraction! When you learn to tap dance, you get to become both the dancer, and the musician – providing the percussive rhythm with your own feet! It is a fantastic opportunity to TAP into your inner rhythm and improve your sense of music patterns and beat! This sense of music and timing is imperative to burlesque dancing as well, as all of your movements are carefully timed to cues in music – it’s what often sets professionals apart from newer burlesque performers!

3. History! Both Tap and Burlesque dancers are part of a long line of legendary performers, who pass down their stories, history, and dance and performance skills to the next generation! Some real tap superstars that we look up to include Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and our favourite burlesque dancers include Dita Von Teese and Sally Rand. Tap has continuously evolved and changed over the last decades, and we love the potential of styling it with burlesque to create something new and unique!

Bring sexy back to tap dance and discover your inner cabaret diva with Lady Velvet Cabaret and Candy Cheeks in TAP DAT!

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