Lady Velvet Cabaret

Today we get the low down on rhinestones with our very own cabaret queen, Cece Desist! Find out what she loves about stoning items, and get some insider tips in our brand new video tutorial.

It’s no secret that Cece Desist sparkles wherever she goes, but wouldn’t you love to know her secret sparkly tips? In today’s video, Cece shows us the process of fully rhinestoning a pair of dance shoes, plus she shares her tips on rhinestoning clothing, fabric and accessories! How do you get your rhinestones to stay right-side-up in your workspace? What’s the best way to plan a fully encrusted rhinestone pattern? What’s the best way to get glue on your cushions?
Watch below to find out, and while you’re at it subscribe to the LVC channel and Ms Cece Desist’s channel on YouTube today!

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