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Lexi Heart Pinup Doll Australia

We love to celebrate the achievements of our students and fellow community members – today we’re congratulating a very special lady on a huge achievement.

We would like to congratulate the lovely Lexi Heart on winning the Pinup Doll Australia competition! Lexi has spent the last few months tirelessly preparing for the pageant, including in private talent lessons with Sugar du Joure to polish her technique. It’s been fantastic watching her development and preparation for such a huge event. We’re so pleased to hear that Lexi WON the entire competition. Congratulations gorgeous girl!

Lexi was a very special contestant in this national competition because she was doing it all for a good cause. Click here to read an article from the Heart Research Institute about how Lexi used the Pinup Doll platform to raise awareness and funds for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This condition has been passed down to her through her parents, and took the lives of her grandparents. We are so inspired to see Lexi fighting back and standing proud, showing that scars are nothing to be hidden!

Congratulations Lexi on your win, and on helping to bring this condition into the spotlight.

Lexi Heart Pinup Doll Australia


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