Lady Velvet Cabaret


As soon as we saw the #dontrushchallenge we knew we had to give it a try! Check out our contribution to this fun little TikTok trend below.

We’re not saying we love a bandwagon, but sometimes.. a bandwagon is just what you need! For us, the #dontrushchallenge was a wonderful way to stay connected as a troupe despite being isolated in separate homes during COVID-19. We’ve taken this fun internet challenge and given it a bit of a burlesque twist. This video features a number of our LVC troupe members but not all. Would you like to see the gang try another challenge? Let us know!

Not sure where the #dontrushchallenge came from? Check out some interesting reading here. A huge thank you to the gals of LVC for jumping on this fun opportunity! Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for even more fun videos.


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