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So, you’re stuck at work, home, or otherwise unable to attend a show this weekend – that doesn’t mean you have to be any less fabulous! Here are some tips to glam up your weekend…

whatkatiedidDress to feel the part – underneath!
You may be stuck at work but there’s no reason not to feel sexy in secret! Dress codes may apply but nobody really knows what lies beneath. Wearing amazing lingerie makes you feel feminine, carry yourself with sass and pride, and can make you feel a million bucks. Whether it’s a saucy vintage number like this leopard print set from Burlesque Baby or a pair of delicious seamed stockings under a work-appropriate vintage dress, you’ll feel the spring in your step and those around you will be none the wiser.


milliondollarmermaidBurlesque binge watching
At home sick? Not feeling like going out? This is the perfect time to build a nest (with a power source) and screen your favourite films, shows or even YouTube videos! We did a poll of the LVC office and some of the films that make us feel the most glam include Sofia Coppola’s Marie AntoinetteBurlesque (of course), Ziegfeld Follies, and Million Dollar Mermaid (swoon). We also love scouring YouTube for amazing videos, like the great collection by Miss Burlesque, and even our own channel! 😉


christinaBuild your boudoir
Speaking of burlesque nests, why not get in the spirit by giving your pad a bit of a burlesque makeover? Office manager Sylvia says “When I’m home sick, I watch Marie Antoinette and am immediately unimpressed with my surroundings and begin rearranging my room” – this could mean creating your own glamourous space at a dressing table, hanging a string of fairy lights, posters, or completely revamping your boudoir! Or if you’re really not up for it, it could mean scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram and growing green with envy. The room pictured on the left belongs to Christina Aguilera, of course!


costumeCreate a costume
If you’re a performer, then perhaps this is more work-related than down time, but it can still be fun nonetheless! Whether it’s gluing crystals or painting shoes, there’s always something to be done. Our favourite projects for lazy crafternoons include: this fringe-tastic costume on a budget from 21st Century Burlesque, these sexy DIY rhinestone tights, and this handsome home-made Steampunk fascinator. Lazy days and nights at home are also a great chance to experiment with make-up and hair styles, testing them out for long wear and trying new products – if you love the style, snap a selfie and save it for later, you never know when you might discover your newest stage face.



If you’re a student at a burlesque academy, why not use your down time to practise your routine, or simply stretch and condition? The perfect thing to do while you’re watching your burly inspiration film or video, this will help improve technique and is a definite mood-booster. If you’re not a dancer, but still want to feel graceful and sexy, why not wear in a new pair of heels around the house, or have a shimmy’n’shake in the kitchen? You can learn some moves from YouTube, or just put on your favourite sexy soundtrack and have some fun!


Are all these ideas getting you inspired? Are you feeling the burly buzz that bit too much? Well, maybe staying home this weekend just isn’t for you! Head out and catch a show around your city – if you’re in Perth you can catch our own Miss Burlesque WA Sugar du Joure performing with a cast of talented individuals including Fifi Fontaine, Monet Petite, the Sugar Duchess, Lucy Lovegun, and MC Mr Dappery at Burlesque Underground.


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